The Economic Benefits of Downtown Parks

Great parks can be an economic development engine for the community.

The downward trend in green cover: our changing urban landscape

Dissapointingly, greening efforts of most of our metropolitan local governments are actually going backwards.

Money can grow on trees: AECOM Green Infrastructure report

AECOM’s research deals primarily with the costs and benefits of  street trees because they are the green infrastructure that conflicts most with other infrastructure in our cities.

The Green Infrastructure project evidence base from the Botanic Gardens of South Australia

An Evidence Base for Green Infrastructure in South Australia.

Literature review: Quality green space supporting health, wellbeing and biodiversity

Design and delivery of open spaces that promote the health and wellbeing of people and the natural environment is a key challenge for health and urban planning in rapidly growing cities.
This review was prepared by University of Melbourne and attempts to define the attributes of “quality” and identifies a number of principles in order to achieve the co-benefits and deliver quality green space.

Heart Foundation submission to National Sports Plan calls for inclusion of Physical Activity

Chronic disease is Australia’s biggest health challenge. The urgent need to prevent and better manage chronic disease through lifestyle behaviours, like physical activity, necessitates the National Sports Plan does not…

The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide 2017 Update

The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide 2017 was launched on 28/05/17 by Hon John Rau MP the Minister for Planning. The Plan sets out the state government’s vision for the growth and development of this most populated part of South Australia to 2036.

Lisa Teburea on the impact that local government can have on creating sustainable communities in South Australia

Lisa Teburea is Executive Director Public Affairs, Local Government Association SA.

Adelaide Smart City Roadmap developed

Adelaide Smart City Studio is working to develop 5 Priority areas, that draw from key people in Adelaide, build on our strengths, orient toward national and international market opportunities, and contribute to economic uplift.

Presentation: Dr Rodney Tolley returned to Adelaide to advocate for robust walking data

Walk21 Director, and International Walking expert Dr Rodney Tolley presented to 80 professionals, at an Adelaide forum to discuss coordinated, strategic, robust data collection – short term and long term – with regards to walking, and walkable neighbourhoods.